The Latest Magic Keyboard, Is TouchID Worth It?

Image of the TouchID Sensor key on Apple's Magic Keyboard V2
Apple's Magic Keyboard V2's new TouchID sensor.

First let me start off by saying - I'm new to Mac's and using Apple's Magic Keyboard's in general. I've used Windows and Mechanical Keyboards my entire life up until the M1 MacBook's released. This review's coming from someone with such experience. Having never used an Apple product for 25 years - and my opinions coming from a mechanical keyboard.

Quick Summary:

The Apple Magic Keyboards have been an absolute joy to use. The typing experience took a little to get used to at first. But, after adjusting it's a pleasing experience. The click of the keys, the quick tap to unlock your Mac with TouchID...

The minimalistic design and anodized aluminum body top if off nicely. This thing is sure pleasing to look at. Apple has outdone themselves in my humble opinion (Don't mind me on my Apple Fanboying phase...).


  • The Magic Keyboard has a sleek design with a high quality set of switches
  • The keyboard has low profile scissor-switch keys that are durable and satisfying to use
  • TouchID lets you control how your information's shared with other people
  • Wireless for easy mobility
  • No battery needed
  • Amazing Battery Life


  • Price
  • Takes a bit of getting used to the angle
  • No Multi Device Quick Switching
  • No Backlighting!?
Rating: 5/5 
An image of a Magic Keyboard V2 showing off the sleek aluminum body.
Sleek elegant aluminum body really fits the Apple style quite well.

First Impressions:

Apple seems to be sticking to their word about cutting back on packaging pollution. The new accessories come packed in a surprisingly thin white box. It includes the bare minimum for accessories, and manuals. All in all it’s pretty unimpressive but, the woven USB-C cable is nice. Also, the packaging is something I’m willing to sacrifice.

If you're coming from a mechanical keyboard - be prepared for how flat this keyboard is. It is a lot different than I'm used to as a mechanical keyboard enthusiast. But, once you do get used to it, it's an absolute joy to use. It's lightweight, sturdy, and elegant.

The keystrokes have a nice click to them, even though the keyboard is so thin. Of course the big feature for this upgrade is it includes TouchID and, I must say - TouchID works exactly as you expect it. Flawlessly. Speaking of flawlessly...

Connection and Battery Life

Apple continues to surprise me with their products. You forget that you’re using a wireless keyboard most of the time. The latency is practically nonexistent, at least to my eyes. I just can’t get over the connection honestly. I used to have a stigma towards wireless peripherals. This completely obliterates that stereotype.

The battery life is as impressive as the new M1 MacBook's battery life is. It’s quoted as being a month or more without charging with average use. I can attest to that as I’ve had mine 2-3 months and have only charged it once. I didn’t expect to be getting these results as I practically live on my computer.

Build Quality

The keyboard is very thin and is at more of a flat angle than normal keyboard’s / mechanical keyboards. You should be fine if you're coming from an older Magic Keyboard, or a laptop keyboard. Although, if you're using a Mechanical Keyboard, you'll probably need an adjustment period. After getting used to it though - it’s a beauty to use. I haven’t noticed any issues with carpal tunnel or anything.

The keyboard is quick to set up and start using. You can either use your Bluetooth menu to connect to it, or connect it via the lightning to USB-C cable to your device. This keyboard can be used on first cold boot unlike other third-party keyboards on the M1 Mac’s.

It’s a very minimalistic build but, feels sturdy, like it’s built to last. Given the thin body of the keyboard it shouldn’t be an issue for those on the go a lot. (The Magic Keyboard Mini would be my main choice in that aspect though.) It’s easy to create shortcuts with and offers the choice of using the added Globe key as a function / hyper key.

Apple Magic Keyboard with TouchID

Apple's Magic Keyboard V2 doesn't really seem noticeably different coming from someone who's never used the last generation but, both the full-size and the Mini seem to excel at what they're meant to do. They provide a satisfying typing and visual experience that screams Apple and the battery life as well as the portability of the devices is terrific.

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Overall, if you’ve got an M1 Powered Device, and are looking for a keyboard for it, or wanting a keyboard with TouchID get one. TouchID works like a dream and for someone who uses external monitors, it's a blessing. If you have an Intel powered device, you should pick up the older one and save some money. I’ve yet to hear anything from the grape vine about Intel compatibility.