Futureland — The New Home for Self Growth, and Learning on the Internet.

Futureland goes beyond just incubating productivity, and growth as a community, but also ideas, and software, art, physical health, mental health, energy conservation and the betterment of society.

Futureland — The New Home for Self Growth, and Learning on the Internet.
The future of productivity and habit tracking apps. The most beneficial place to be on the internet.


Futureland goes beyond just incubating productivity, and growth as a community, but also ideas, and software, art, physical health, mental health, energy conservation and the betterment of society. (Lookin at you @Pixouls 🥳 You’re totally a good hooman, and someone who will definitely change this world for the better.) This isn’t a Toxic Community built to rub in their superiority, no…This is a community-driven idea and growth nursery with a focus on providing the next generation of people the opportunity for serendipitous encounters, tracking and stacking of habits, and a supportive / awe inspiring community that when combined lead to an environment perfect for fostering creativity, innovation, and inspiration, and ultimately self growth —  becoming the best you that you can possibly be.

What is Futureland?

Futureland — an early project with a small, humble team has captured my heart, and dedication without much effort on their part. The pure beauty and flow of something so simple, yet profound — along with the Dark, Futurist-Minimalist design, and exceptional community — I’ve yet to experience a feeling anything like it in my 26 years of life. If that sounds like it’s too good to be true, I’m not sure what to tell you. Since joining Futureland, and being surrounded by the amazingly talented people there who are also on the same journey you are — one of self-development and discovery — I look forward to waking up and doing my habits now. Futureland has turned what were once monotonous, mundane every day tasks into somewhat of a game.

I understand this probably sounds a bit corny but it’s 100% the truth. The truest answer I can give when I answer the question “What is Futureland?” It would have to undoubtedly be the community. Mr. Big himself, @Vin... My boy @Lucas, The Always Majestic @Pixouls, the always impressive Daily News Reports by @Humdrum, the Awe Inspiring Pen Plotter Sketches from @Norton, the girl with so much drip it could fill an ocean who’s got the musical talent to fill one as well @princess_pm — dropping banger songs to represent a completed water journal entry... That is Futureland... Futureland is Home. Well, it feels as such to me anyways… "Ok. but what the hell is it bro?!" Oh pardon me, look at me just gushing without really giving much context. Well, I'll do my best to give its description justice.

The basic premise of Futureland is thisyou create “Journals” for anything you would like to track**: habits, knowledge, photo journal, video journal, you can even use it as a full-blown Blog or Digital Garden if you wanted to. All Journal entries are formatted in markdown with no limit to the number of characters you can enter. This allows a wide breadth of possibilities in regard to its uses. You can create a Journal to track a habit, and instead of typing a paragraph each time you complete that habit / task, you can log an emoji standing for a completed task logged. The beauty of this is Futureland keeps track of your consistency and displays a lot of interesting stats on how often you post / complete these habits and journal entries.

Build Routines, Stack Habits with Futureland

Like I mentioned before, it promotes habit stacking as a core fundamental technique in the toolset. You can also build up streaks on your journals or habits. Each day you complete an entry builds up the streak. Once you have reached a stable point on that habit — add another “on top” to build up a habit stack and improve your life. Futureland will draw a green line connecting habits that have been stacked. This allows you to easily see if there has been a break in your routine chains. There is so much more to Futureland than meets the eye, and it is so hard to put into words, it is just magical when you start to get the full benefits and start building up habits faster than you ever thought possible. I couldn’t ever accurately describe its magnificence and beauty. The community alone is something like winning the lottery — rarely do you ever find such a wholesome and inspiring community on the internet.

Futureland is an extremely powerful tool in your arsenal due to the flexibility and simplicity of the toolset. It borrows some ideas from visualization and scientific studies that show the correlation between a small reward at the end of a task causing the release of a “dopamine hit”. This small dopamine hit can work one of two wayseither it can work for you helping you establish a fun routine out of these tasks you set to better yourself, OR if you let the bad habits go unchecked (say rewarding yourself with dopamine hits elsewhere, eg: smoking or drinking, tv, snacks, etc.) then you’ll start an “addiction and your body becomes acclimated to feeling that way, and used to getting its reward without any effort.

Side Note: make sure you have fully understood that last paragraph and heed its warning. Addiction is something I would not wish on anyone, even if it's a small form of addiction, they can truly destroy your life. I'm speaking from experience, so make the change now, be who you want to be in life, but be them now. Grab life by the horns and make it a better place for yourself, your family, friends, and hopefully the world.

What does Futureland Offer?

  • Full markdown support
  • “Journals” that you can treat of as just that — or as a repeatable task that you maintain over time, and log an emoji to represent a completion of that task / habit each day, using this to build streaks until you’re comfortable adding another habit on top. (Habit Stacking)
  • Ability to use it as a Blog.
  • Cultivate your digital garden here.

Futureland allows you to download an archived version of your post and all uploaded assets.

  • Use it as a source video log
  • a picture journal
  • moodboard
  • asset collection
  • you name it!
  • Just write your post, add media and click the 3 dots in the right corner then click download!
Journals Screen

Who is this for?

The wonderful thing about this app, is that it is not just an app… A lot of projects nowadays seem to be getting rushed out and every day we see a new tools for thought software or productivity software. To me, honestly it seems like a lot of them are just cash grabs. No passion. Rarely do you ever see one that is something special, groundbreaking, and has something significant / special to offer Futureland is different. The people involved in creating Futureland do it out of pure passion and love, and simply to see if they can — assessing their limits. If any of this sounds like you, that's who Futureland is for. It's for the people, it's for you, me, your brother, your cousin, your grandpa, grandma, it's for anyone wanting to better themselves mentally, physically, spiritually, whatever your goal? Reach your potential quicker with Futureland.